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Ting (Tony Jaa) is an orphan, raised by the kind-hearted monk Pra Kru at Nong Pradu temple. Pra Kru trains Ting in the ancient art of Muay Thai, but insists that Ting promise never to use his skills to cause anyone harm. Instilled by Par Kru with true Buddhist teachings, Ting is determined to follow a good path in life. The theft of the Ong Bak Buddha statue sends Ting on a quest that will test both his physical and spiritual development to the utmost…



George (Petchthai Wongkamlao) hails from the same village as Ting. The son of the local headman, he has been sent to Bangkok to get an education, before returning to share his newfound knowledge with the village. Instead, George became a hustler, with dyed blonde hair and a hundred different scams to separate his targets from their money. When Ting arrives in the big city, George rediscovers his roots, and joins him in the quest for Ong Bak.


Muay Lek

Muay Lek (Pumwaree Yodkamol) is a streetwise teen living wild on the streets of Bangkok. She runs various shady scams to earn money, and falls under the protective wing of George. Muay Lek’s good heart is evident from the way she spends her money taking care of her elder sister, Ngek. Like George, she is inspired to seek a better way when she meets the noble Ting.


Khom Tuan

Despite his disabilities, gang boss Khom Tuan (Sukhaaw Phongwilai)rules the back streets of Bangkok with an iron fist. Though bound to a wheelchair and able to speak only through a special electronic modulator, he is one of the ruthless crime lords in Thailand. He is responsible for the theft on Ong Bak, and betrays the fearless Ting at every turn.


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Ong Bak