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The 'Science of 8 Limbs' - Muay Thai Movements

Muay Thai is ‘The science of 8 limbs’ – a Thai fighting style developed over thousands of years. No one knows exactly when Muay Thai was first practiced but it was considered a high art and part of the Thai Royal Court curriculum from around 1238AD. Apart from hand to hand uses in warfare, Muay Thai was considered a prestigious activity -  with former Kings of Thailand sending their sons to train with temple monks as it was believed that bravery and fitness from training would lead to great and brave rulers.

Around 1604, King Narai, a lover of sports, helped to make Muay Thai widely available and soon many local playgrounds featured roped off areas for boxing training.

In 1767, Thailand was at war with the Burmese and a champion boxer Nai Kahnomtom was captured by the Burmese king Angwa. King Angwa called for a boxing match, the first Muay Thai match outside of Thailand and Nai Kahnomtom defeated all ten Burmese challengers in succession, with no rest at all between the ten fights.

As a result, Nai Khanomtom was honored as The Father of Muay Thai and the day of the fight, March 17th is now officially named ‘Muay Thai day’ in Thailand.




« Kwang-Sabud-Na
The Shakes Elbow. Either elbow can be used. If balance is lost from grappling, or the fighter finds themselves grappled under an opponent’s armpit- then elbow is used from below to strike and push the opponent off balance instead.

« Phra-Ram-Yieb-Longka
King Rama Steps on the City. A counter attack where the left foot is placed on the opponent’s shin or upper leg- which allows the attacker to kick to the neck or face of the opponent.

« Archa-Payong
Triple Attack. The defender steps inside the attacker’s punch and counter attacks with a dual fist to the chin and a knee to the body.

« Ban-Sien-Tossakarn
Cut the Giant's Neck. An advanced technique, where the attacker jumps up to strike simultaneously with both knees under the chin and both elbows to the crown, or top of the head.

« Jor-Ra-Fard-Hang
Swing Back Kick. Stepping forward, the attacker swings the leg to kick to the jaw or ribs with the heel of the foot.

« Hanuman-Tawai-Wan
Monkey Presents the Ring. The defender steps inside the attackers punch and punches with both fists under the tip of the chin- also called ‘MAD SOI DAO KOO’- or the dual uppercut.

« Nu-Tai-Rao
The Rat Walks on the Line. After the punch is thrown, the defender grapples the arm, leaning backwards to remove power from the punch whilst using the knee to counter attack to the body.

« Hanuman-Yieb-Longka
Giant Throws the Axe. The attacker uses the opponent’s body to jump high then strikes with the hand or elbow to the top of the head or face.

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